In A Nutshell – 11/16/16

In A Nutshell – 11/16/16

In these posts, each week, I’ll present something fresh. These posts will feature raw, unfiltered fiction.

It could be a dream, a short blurb from a current project, a spark of inspiration, or a story locked away that finally gets to see the light of day.

I’ll keep these posts limited to 250 words. Short, sweet and complete. Thanks for reading!

The thought paralyzed my mind each time it invaded.

I think I’m an Outlander.

But it couldn’t be true. I’m normal. I’m a nobody. I’m invisible. But the dream–the floating objects. I can’t deny what I saw. Was it even a dream? My eyes darted to my peers seated around me in the classroom distracted by the teacher’s droning voice. How many of them knew?

How long before someone reported me to an Enforcer? What would Entera do to me? What would they do to my family? Or my best friend?


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I forced myself to glance at Ashleigh, my only friend in this screwed up world and icy tendrils of dread crept up my spine. Chills and nausea assaulted me in an endless barrage.

I-I can’t do this. 

What they do to Outlanders–the stories–I was too scared to think about it. I wasn’t safe, and as long as I was here, neither were they. I had one choice.

I have to leave.

No matter what, my life would never be the same.

Slowly, I inched my hand up to get the teacher’s attention.

What recent discovery has completely turned your life upside down?

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