In A Nutshell #6 – Maddening

In A Nutshell #6 – Maddening

I’ve borrowed another prompt from the Daily Post. I could end up making this a regular thing!

The injustice is maddening–what they do to our kind–is unforgivable.

But in this world, we’re few and far between.

We are paranoid, distrustful, and stubborn–unwilling to accept help from our brother and sisters.

We hide in plain sight begging whatever deity that still watches over this wasteland to keep us safe–to show us mercy.

I’ve seen a lot of bad things in my time, and it’s only gotten worse.

Sometimes, I can’t see how it could get any worse. And then it does.

If we are to ever move past the fear of living, of being who we are, we must learn to accept ourselves.

If we are to ever remove the bounty that remains on all our heads, we have to assimilate with our human brethren.

If we are to ever ease the pain of seeing our kind perish from experimentation and torture, we must empower each other–be stronger.

If we are to ever change our fate in this world, we must learn to stick together and come out of hiding.

If we are to ever change the course of history, we must strive to end this maddening situation.


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