In A Nutshell #8 – Tempted

In A Nutshell #8 – Tempted

Confessions of the Night Mother

When you’re as old as I am, the temptation isn’t anything new.

You wake up with it.

Go to sleep with it.

It’s with you every hour of every day.

It becomes a part of you, and you begrudgingly accept it.

Slowly, you begin to manage it.

But that’s all it is. Conquering it is impossible.

Just when you think you may have won, you’re tempted.

Just one bite you say. No one will know.

But it’s a lie. Of course, they will know.

When you slip, there won’t be anyone there to catch you.

And there will be no mercy.

Suddenly, there are eyes everywhere, a presence behind every shadow.

You can’t escape the feeling, the dread of being hunted.

You lose trust in those you once held dear, and lose faith in yourself.

You claw and fight to keep your head above water, but you know at any moment that something could latch on and drag you down.

I know these feelings well, and they make strange bedfellows.

I’ve tried to shut them out, but it’s pointless now.

I am Aria Blackwell, and I have succumbed to temptation.


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