In A Nutshell #9 – Someday

In A Nutshell #9 – Someday

A Vow of Promises from Malachi Wolvus of the Freerunners Pack

One day soon, the world will be different.

One day soon, we won’t have to look over our shoulders.

One day soon, our kind won’t fear the taste of silver when we walk out our doors.

Before the next Trial, Crescent Falls must be changed.

Before the next Trial, the Freerunners will stand firm and defend our weak.


Photo credit: SandyK29 via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

Before the next Trial, our ancestors will howl and celebrate our victories.

When the first blood is spilled, our enemies will learn fear.

When the first blood is spilled, the world will know our names.

When the first blood is spilled, the pillars of Tribulation will fall asunder.

By the next era, the old ways will be dead.

By the next era, The Bane will be revered.

By the next era, The Eternal themselves will quake in our presence.

Someday, soon this will all come to pass.


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