In A Nutshell #11 – Simple

In A Nutshell #11 – Simple

Confessions of a Broken and Marked Wolf

What I’m about to do should be simple.

But it’s so much more than that.

I have to go against my very nature to do what must be done.

I have to silence the voice of rationality.

I have to mute the mother’s cry.

I must ignore the reasons that lead to doubt.

But they are as invasive as the curse that taints my blood.

My blood is a poison, and it ruins everything it creates.

I must do the hard thing. I will do the motherly thing.

I will do the motherly thing.

I will make my son despise me–if it will save him from this life.

He doesn’t understand yet.

He believes it’s all a dream.

He intends to stay out of the affairs of the Bane.

But it doesn’t matter.

They will always seek to control him.

The Silver Shield will always push their fears onto others.

And make them pay for simply being what they are.

So, against my better judgment.

Against my love for him.

I will do the motherly thing.

Nothing will stop me from doing the simple thing.

My name is Sarah Langston, and I’m going to rob my son of his wolf forever.

Photo credit: Zedorwin via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC


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