In A Nutshell #17 – A Shadow

In A Nutshell #17 – A Shadow

I look in your eyes, but I don’t see the same glow. 

Now, there’s a shadow.

I speak to you to avoid those dark voids, but the difference in your voice is subtle.

The mirth in your tone is but a shadow of its former self.

I walk away to find the space to understand what is happening, but you follow.

And your shadow dances behind you, moving with a gait I don’t recognize.

I shudder. I panic. You aren’t the same person you once were.

You’ve been replaced. A shadow now occupies the person I loved. 

I know what you are. I’ve read the stories, and I thought they were all lies.

But I know they’re true. A shadow has possessed you, and I’m never getting you back.



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