In A Nutshell #18 – Instinct(Apartment Woes)

In A Nutshell #18 – Instinct(Apartment Woes)

Apartment Woes

I should’ve slammed the apartment door in your face, but I didn’t. 

Your voice was enticing and your eyes spoke of intrigue. 

I should’ve listened to the warnings in my head telling me to forget about you.

But I dreamed about you every night instead. 

When you showed up, I helped you when my mind screamed for me to turn you away. 

But I let you in. 

I wanted to build up my defenses and close myself off.

Yet, you broke them down like a wrecking ball. 

Before I knew it, we were living together.

But I’m better off living alone. 

Normally, my instincts are sharp and attentive.

Yet they were relaxed and aloof with you.

The pain was almost too great when you left and you took everything from me. 

Why was I surprised?

I should’ve slammed the apartment door in your face…but I didn’t.

Just a reminder to anyone reading this, I’ve taken the “word of the day” from the posts on The Daily Post blog. They update this feed every day and post a new word of the day. It never ceases to amaze me how one word can ignite a fire under you and set your creative mind free.


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