In A Nutshell #21 – Chuckle

In A Nutshell #21 – Chuckle

I laugh because it’s all I have left.

I’ve been sad, and I’ve been angry.

I’ve laid awake crying until the tears were no more.

I’ve been truly emotional, but nothing staves off the struggle.

I know I’ve been blessed many times over and that good things don’t come easy.

But it’s taken everything in me to keep going–to continue moving forward.

So, I chuckle under my breath.

I lie awake bearing another sleepless night as I decide what I’ll do next.

And how I’ll ever get through the next day.

But I live to fight another day, and so I rejoice.

And each day gets a little easier until eventually, I’m moving past the struggle.

Now, I can enjoy the experience for what it is.

And when the next day rushes forward with no rest for the weary,

I chuckle under my breath and breath a sigh of relief.

can do this.


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