In A Nutshell #23 – Temporary

In A Nutshell #23 – Temporary

To put it mildly–I’ve been struggling.

These past few years have been a barrage of one misfortune after the other.

At one point, I didn’t believe I would make it past January.

But I know this rut is temporary. 

Just as the good times must end, so shall the insufferable times.

Yet something ugly will always rear its head and remind you that the conflict is just below the surface.

It pines away, waiting for you to fall so that it can drag you back down into the abyss.

It knows that its time is only temporary. 

If you succumb to the dread, the dark and damp, it will always win.

Once you realize you’re doomed, you can move on to acceptance.

Because suffering is only temporary. 


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