All-Consuming Light – Betraying Angels (RP#6)

All-Consuming Light – Betraying Angels (RP#6)

Attention all Wordsmiths, I’ve got something to share with you!

Good evening, I hope you’ve all had a good day. I’ve had a great day. I’ve been able to get some much-needed SEO reading done; this will help me tremendously in getting my posts noticed. (I hope) Let’s talk about Angels, shall we?

Although, before we do, I will say that SEO is super-confusing and it takes quite a bit of studying to get the hang of it. Who knew you could have a job doing Search Engine Optimization?

Wayward Divine News – A Dystopian story of Angels

Anyway, I just wanted to mention that I’ve published a new Rough Pages post featuring the world of Wayward Divine. If you like Angels, then perhaps you’ll like what you read here. Once, I started looking at this story again; I wondered how I got on the subject of writing it. Often, I’ve wondered what the world would be like if we saw Angels, you know, met them in person.

Then I got to wondering, specifically: How would the Angels react to being thrown into our world, which is undoubtedly different than the one they’re used to? How would it change things if they didn’t have their Grace(powers)? Again, how would they react to a world that was degraded and destroyed by the very creatures they were supposed to watch over?

Could Angels become more human? And by doing so, what would they become? How would human emotions change them? For the better? Or for the worst?

For now, these posts are still Public access, but soon, they will be Patreon-only.

Use the link below to find the post!

Patreon post link:

ALSO: I’ve got a small announcement/advertisement. Okay, so I’m looking for an Illustrator. They can be of any skill level; I’m not picky. 

Although, I would still like to see some sketches or previously commissioned work if at all possible. The Artist also needs to be easy to reach and punctual for any meetings we may set up to talk shop. Payment arrangements will be discussed privately with the interested party. 

So, if you know anyone or you’ve got their contact information (website, blog, other social media) then send them my way, please! 



BUT WAIT THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE…I’m poor–so they can’t be too high-profile. Thanks!

Before I go, if you’ve missed the previous post regarding the first section of All-Consuming Light then you can find the link below. Thanks again for checking it out.

RP#5 Post link:

I believe that’s all I’ve got for this post, but I appreciate any feedback or comments. Thank you for reading this post.


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