The Author Next Door – How Does It Feel? (Ep.5)

The Author Next Door – How Does It Feel? (Ep.5)

Hello Wordsmiths,

How do you think it would feel if you took that leap right now and published your WIP?

Hello, hello!! Good morning and good evening to you all! Thanks for tuning into another episode of The Author Next Door. This series is not only a medium to discuss writing passions, but how writing makes you feel deep in your core! We’re back with J.E. Klimov–blogger, published author, and fellow member of the Just-Us League! 

Thank you for joining me again, Julian.

Last time we spoke, we discussed what ignites her passion for writing. It was quite an enlightening conversation; if you would like access to this part of the interview, please click on the link below. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Passion Interview Link:

In the second part of this interview, we’ll dive a little deeper under the surface and see how she’s handling the release of her debut novel The Aeonians. Julian, let’s get right to it!

  • How are you feeling about the release of your published novel through Silver Leaf? Are there still things you wish to change?

I’m ecstatic, like a child at Christmas! I think Silver Leaf Books was a great match- so I was, of course, over the moon when they accepted my manuscript. They are an established publisher, more on the lines of small press- which allows me lots of freedom with edits and cover art. They have been a pleasure to work with, and I’m looking forward to more projects with them!

How does it feel to see it in print?

I bet the feeling that you’re describing is hard to put into words (other than the ones you just used.) I keep imagining what it would feel like to see my book in printed form grasped between my fingers. It’s a huge motivation to push me forward, even when I want to give up. I like to think all writers are pursuing this feeling you’re talking about.

Don’t let the way you feel stop you from publishing that book. Just do it! Take the first step.

  • With NaNoWriMo in full-swing, do you have another WIP that you’re going to focus on during that time? Would you care to give any details?

I’m in the throes of editing the sequel to “The Aeonians”. That will be a part of my NaNoWriMo contribution. I also may consider kick-starting my science-fiction/fantasy novel that inspired my short story The Fate of Patient Zero. Fingers crossed.

Wow, you’ve got so many plans taking shape this NaNoWriMo! I hope that you accomplish everything you’re after and more. Please, update me on your progress sometime so I can keep cheering you on!

  • Do you find it difficult to write believable characters of the opposite gender?

At first, I thought it would be a challenge, but when I stopped overthinking, everything flowed naturally. Many people who’ve helped me edit “The Aeonians” had told me me my antagonist (male) was more fleshed out than my female protagonist.

That wasn’t intentional at all (and since been tweaked)! So, I would like to hope I can sculpt believable characters despite the gender. In fact, my name, as presented, is meant to show gender neutrality.

Don't let how you feel beat you down!

I think THIS is my primary weakness when it comes to writing gender opposite characters. I think too much about it. I need to try people-watching or just let it flow naturally and everything should fall into place. Even though you weren’t trying to give any, thank you for the advice!

How you feel about writing affects the way you write. Stay positive! Get up and keep going!

And speaking of advice…

  • Do you have a nugget of advice you’ve been saving for a writer who’s struggling?

No matter how “bad” you think your writing is, just write. Yes, it sounds cliche, but many people stop writing after the first page because they think their writing is “crap”. I say, don’t stop writing until you’re done. 1) You will be shocked at the material you’ve come up with and 2) you can ALWAYS edit later.

Great words, Julian. I’d say that the simplest advice is always the best. Just Write. It’s an easy thing to do, and then sometimes it’s not. But just let go and you’ll be surprised where you go. I think I should follow this myself and just let go when it comes to #NaNoWriMo goals.

What if how you feel stops your writing train in it’s tracks?

  • I’ve recently posted on my blog about getting over “Writer’s Block”; what do you do to push past it?

I first try to follow my advice above. I just write words. Even if I deviate from the plot a little, it helps spark my brain into thinking “Hm, how can I tie it all back together?”. If that doesn’t work and I have a massive migraine, I go listen to some music, run, or play Zelda. Those things re-set my brain. Giving the creative mind a rest is important- with the one caveat: that you don’t lose the momentum. Don’t take too long of a break. Get that fresh air (or what have you), then get back to that pen or laptop!!

That makes perfect sense, Julian. I’ll often take those much needed breaks and try to reset my creative brain. Here, I have a link that may be useful to anyone reading this interview.

Take a gander:

  • Lastly, what is a pet peeve of yours when it comes to writing?

Not sure if I have any pet peeves… other than being interrupted.

Well, I think I’ve got enough pet peeves for you then, Julian, but I’ll keep it to just one. I can’t use the some of the same words near each other in the same page. I always need to think of synonyms for descriptive words or other types of imagery. It drives me nuts if I don’t do it. This is probably why writing takes so much longer.

Remember: You control how you feel. Stay positive and there’s no end to your writing accomplishments!

I think that about wraps up this episode of The Author Next Door, I want to thank Julian for taking the time out of her busy writing schedule to participate. I think she would like to say a few words.


I just want to say, thank you for taking the time to host me on your blog. I am extremely grateful, and all I want is to inspire people the keep writing. Keep editing. It’s just like life- enjoy the journey and don’t race to the destination.

Have fun and do it right.

“The Aeonians” is available on Amazon and through my publisher’s website. (Paperback is on pre-order until 11/13). I recommend ordering when you can. It sold out at a festival where my publisher had some copies on display!

And if you are still unsure- check out the Silver Leaf Books website, where you get an exclusive sneak peak on the first couple of chapters!

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Thank you all for reading! Until next time on The Author Next Door!

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